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What is a mud pump?

A mud pump is used to circulate fluid to clean a wellbore while drilling or completing the well. This is important because as the drill bit rotates in the earth, cuttings are produced that must be circulated out of the hole in order for the drill pipe not to become stuck. It is also important to run the casing for a final completion of the well.

Pickett Oilfield, LLC has supplied quality mud pumps since we began in 1988. It is imperative to use quality parts to prevent equipment damage. Once a rig is no longer on a day rate, it is no longer earning money and ongoing costs of labor, fuel and other expenses continue for as long as the operation is down.

We supply any manufactured brand that holds our confidence. Some parts are readily available while others may have a six month waiting period. We set up the most efficient delivery that will save our customers the most money. Call us at 936-336-5154 or email us at to place an order today.

What type of triplex mud pumps do you have available?

We provide USA manufactured as well as some Chinese manufactured triplex mud pumps. We can supply diesel or electric power with various horsepowers. You can convert certain diesel engines to a dual fuel use where they run on a mixture of 95% natural gas and 5% diesel. Rebuilt pumps have a third party inspection and three to six month guarantee from the rebuilder. Triplex mud pumps are used both onshore and offshore for drilling new wells and completing or reworking already drilled wells.

There are several factors involved with delivery timelines that are usually within the three to six month range. Contact us today to find out more details.


Pricing will vary with the type of spool requested.


Do you have 7500 pound triplex mud pumps?

Either 5000# or 7500# fluid end are available for horizontal wells. We usually supply these from the manufacturers. The 7500 pound triplex mud pumps fluid end assembly is in the $200,000 USD range.

Pickett Oilfield, LLC has its headquarters in the Houston Metro area in Liberty, Texas. If you are in need of used, refurbished or new oilfield equipment, as an international buyer and seller, we can fulfill your supply chain needs. We can locate onshore and offshore oil and gas drilling and workover equipment. Our area of expertise is transforming surplus from other commercial assets into discounted benefits for our clients. These assets can be located around the globe and we are able to get them delivered to where they need to go. Log on to today for more information.

Stop searching dense websites and missing deadlines. Pickett Oilfield has the drilling equipment you need, providing quick access and same day turnaround in most cases.

Excellent prices, quick turnaround.

Our offshore project was well on its way when one of our suppliers hit a snag. We contacted Pickett Oilfield to fill the gap for several mud pumps. They didn’t miss a beat and were able to get us the equipment we required to stay on schedule. We will be using them in the future.

Quality equipment; highly recommend.

WWe had some problems finding a specific part for our project. We called several suppliers but they could not find the part either. We sent a message to Picket Oilfield to find out if they had international connections to get that part and they got back to us with a YES, pricing and delivery estimations immediately. We know who we’re calling first in the future.

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