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Flanges, Adapters and Spools for Sale

Welcome to Pickett Oilfield’s flanges, adapters and spools web page. Our company has been in the oil & gas drilling equipment industry for over 38 years, supplying spacer spools and double studded adapter flanges to customers in practically every producing region in the world. We are here to serve all your drilling equipment needs – if you don’t see it on this site, just give us a call or email. We can get it, if you need it!

Drilling Spools, Spacer Spools and Double Studded Adapters

PickettOilfield.com offers prospective buyers and extensive selection of quality new and used oil & gas drilling equipment, including spacer spools, drilling spools and DSA’s to choose from at competitive prices. Browse our inventory of flanges, adapters and spools for sale at competitive rates.

For more information or to request a quote, please contact us at 936-336-5154 or email to Sales@PickettOilfield.com.

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11" Spacer Spools
11" Spacer Spools for Sale 11" x 10K/15K Spacer Spools You are viewing 11" 10M/15M Spacer Spoo..
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13-5/8" Double Studded Adapter (DSA)
13-5/8" Double Studded Adapter (DSA) for Sale DSA, 13-5/8" 10,000# x 13-5/8" 3,000#, Manufac..
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18 3/4" X 15K Spacer Spools
18-3/4" x 15K Spacer Spools for Sale Flanged Spacer Spool 18 3/4" 15M x 18 3/4" 15M, 4.5 Meters L..
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18-3/4" X 15M Spacer Spools
18-3/4" X 15M Spacer Spools for Sale You are viewing 18-3/4" x 15M Spacer Spools for sale by Pick..
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21-1/4" DSA Double Studded Adapter
21-1/4" Double Studded Adapter (DSA) for Sale Double Studded Adapter, 21-1/4" x 5M x 21-1/4" 2M, ..
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21-1/4" Spacer Spools
21 1/4" Spacer Spools for Sale Spacer Spools: 21-1/4" 2K x 21-1/4" 2K x 3.5 Meters &..
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7-1/16" Spacer Spools
7-1/16" Spacer Spools for Sale 7 1/16" 10000# & 15000# Spacer Spools You are viewing 7-1/1..
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Adapter/Drilling/Spacer Spools
Adapter/Drilling/Spacer Spools for Sale in Various Lengths These Spools are brand new and co..
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API 6A & 16A Drilling Spools
New, Used & Re-manufactured Drilling Spools for Sale API 6A &16A Drilling Spools in Vario..
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API Ring Gaskets
API Ring Joint Gaskets Oilfield Ring Joint Products for Sale You are viewing a large variety&n..
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Double Studded Adapter
18 3/4" 15,000# Double Studded Adapter for Sale DSA Double Studded Adapter Flange for Sale You..
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Double Studded Adapters (Many Sizes)
Double Studded Adapters in Many Sizes and Pressure Ratings You are viewing an assortment of DSA's..
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