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Blowout Preventers

New & Used Blowout Preventers

Welcome to Pickett Oilfield’s blowout preventers web page. Our company has been in the oil & gas drilling equipment industry for over 38 years, supplying new and used blowout preventers and pressure control equipment to customers in practically every producing region in the world. We are here to serve all your drilling equipment needs – if you don’t see it on this site, just give us a call or email. We can get it, if you need it!

Blowout Preventers & Blowout Preventer (BOP) Parts

PickettOilfield.com offers prospective buyers and extensive selection of quality new and used oil & gas drilling equipment, including blowout preventers to choose from at competitive prices. Browse our inventory of blowout preventers and BOP parts for sale at competitive rates.

For more information or to request a quote, please contact us at 936-336-5154 or email to Sales@PickettOilfield.com.

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13 5/8" 10K Shaffer Single Ram BOP
Shaffer 13-5/8" 10M Single BOP for Sale Shaffer 13-5/8" 10,000# Blowout Preventer, Single You ..
7-1/16" X 5M Single Ram Blowout Preventer
7-1/16" X 5000 PSI Single Ram BOP for Sale You are viewing a 7 1/16" X 5K Single Ram Blowout Prev..
BOP Control Panel
This BOP Control Panel comes with Umbilical Cord. Condition: Good Used Location: FOB Liberty,..
Cameron Type "U" 13-5/8" 15,000 PSI Blowout Preventers
Cameron Type "U" 13-5/8" 15,000# Blowout Preventer Stack for Sale We are striving with our partne..
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Cameron Type DL Annular 18-3/4” 5K Blowout Preventer
Cameron Type DL Annular BOP (18-3/4” 10,000 PSI) for Sale You are viewing a remanufactured Camero..
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Cameron Type U 18-3/4” 10K Blowout Preventer
Cameron Type "U" Double Ram BOP (18-3/4” 10,000 PSI) for Sale You are viewing a remanufactured Ca..
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Cameron Type U Blowout Preventer Rams
Cameron Type U BOP Rams for Sale You are viewing our stock of Cameron Type U Blowout Preventer Ra..
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Closing Unit Suitcase
Suitcase for BOP Closing Units You are viewing a closing unit suitcase for sale by Pickett Oilfie..
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Guiberson 7-1/16" 3K BOP
SOLD: You are viewing a Guiberson 7-1/16" 3K Blowout Preventer with blind and 2-3/8" rams installed ..
Hydril 11" 5M Single Ram Blowout Preventers
Hydril 11" 5M Blowout Preventers for Sale Hydril 11” 5000 PSI Single Ram BOP’s with API Certs ..
Hydril 13 5/8" 10K BOP Stack
Hydril 13-5/8" 10M BOP Stack for Sale Hydril 13-5/8" 10,000# Blowout Preventer Stack You are v..
Hydril FSP 28" 2000# Diverter
Hydril FSP 28" 2000# Diverter for Sale Hydril FSP Diverter for Sale in Good Used Condition Tak..
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