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What to consider when buying a BOP?

If you are searching for OEM/API certified BOPs (Blowout Preventers), you should be familiar with the type required. There are types:

  1. Annular - used to close around the drill string, casing or a non-cylindrical object.
  2. Single Ram – with this type, you should know what size outlets are required and if you need standard or shear bonnets.
  3. Double Ram – with this type, you need to know the same information as the single ram.

You should also have a timeframe in which you need the items procured. Most purchases are required immediately while some are long-term. It is also critical to know the country of final destination for the blowout preventer. provides our customers with a wide-ranging selection of quality Blowout Preventers to select from with competitive pricing. Click through our inventory of Blowout Preventers and BOP parts to find sales and competitive rates. Click here.

How much does a blowout preventer cost?

The valve that failed to stop the largest offshore U.S. oil spill is, of course, in top demand for orders as deep-water oil workers try to minimize costs on corporation’s most expensive drilling rigs. People are now very aware of what the fail-safe devices that attach to well heads located in the ocean can prevent. The surge is rightly due to safety concerns and laws that put greater emphasis on keeping the environment safe.

Blow-out preventers are used and regarded by oil companies as insurance against explosive blow-outs such as the one that obliterated BP’s well in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010.

Pricing, of course, varies with the different sizes and working pressures for BOPs. You can also buy a used, remanufactured or brand new blowout preventer and these will have different price ranges as well. For specific pricing information, contact Pickett Oilfield, LLC at: Phone: 936-336-5154.


Pricing will vary with the type of spool requested.


How do blowout preventers work?

They are used on the wellhead as a safety precaution, so that if the well attempts to blowout, it can be controlled. Most of them today are hydraulically operated. Essentially, a blowout preventer (BOP) shuts off the valve heading below the equipment to halt any liquid from appearing in a dangerous explosion, or a kick. A specific level of containment must be sustained while working with the mud and materials that could create breaks in the flow of extraction. There are numerous features in a BOP that make up the whole and two kinds of valves that assist the apparatus in case there is a bad kick.

An annular BOP closes the space around the width of the pipe. The actual system cannot be closed with a valve because of the drill string, so the annular controls the air flow for the mud without cutting off any other systematic elements. The annular BOP provides the most efficient airtight option and is put on the top of the BOP stack. A RAM BOP also works to thwart any unwanted materials from exploding in the system. Several at a time are used in the BOP stack to safeguard optimal safety.

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As our company grew, so did our contracts. We wanted to ensure our name was solidified as one of the safest in the industry, so we made sure our BOP’s were purchased from Pickett Oilfield. Their employees were extremely knowledgeable about the types, sizes and specifications necessary for our specific work. We are very grateful to them for helping to keep our employees safe as well as providing excellent service.

Quality equipment; highly recommend.

We needed two annular BOPs and we had to get them offshore, fast. Pickett Oilfield helped us procure the best materials available and assisted in expediting the purchase and delivery. They saved us months of downtime and profit losses.

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