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Adapter Spools

An Adapter Spool is a part which is often used in pressure control applications. Typically the adapter spools have different nominal end connections. We supply adapter spools that are designed and manufactured in accordance with API 6A / API 16A standards.

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Drilling Spools

Drilling spools permit the smooth circulation of mud while drilling operations occur. They have matching top and bottom end connections while side outlets can vary. Top, bottom and side end connections can be hubbed or flanged. We can provide your supply chain with a substantial inventory of drilling spools which come manufactured with a variety of end and outlet configurations based on customer needs. We, of course, New and Remanufactured supply drilling spools that align with API specification 6A / 16A and are complete with data book and test charts. Good used drilling spools are also available, just give us a call!

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Spacer Spools

Spacer spools are designed to permit adequate clearance under the rig substructure. Additionally, they contain pressure, and can be used in the middle of or beneath drill through equipment. We can provide a large inventory of API 6A and API 16A spacer spools with a variety of end configurations and lengths based on customer specifications.

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How much do oilfield spools cost?

We offer new, used and remanufactured adapter, drilling, casing, spacer spools and DSA’s. We will need to know if you are looking for American or Chinese manufactured. Also, you will need to specify size and working pressure requirements along with ring groove specifications.

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Pricing will vary with the type of spool requested.


Why should I buy an adapter spool from Pickett Oilfield, LLC?

Since 1988 Pickett Oilfield, LLC has supplied great prices on new, used, surplus and rebuilt onshore and offshore drilling equipment. We save companies money using our extensive oilfield network. We provide supply chain demands that other outlets do not have access to procure.

We can supply adapter spools that come in various lengths for in pressure control applications in the oilfield. They come with different sized ends and pressure ratings. Furthermore, Pickett Oilfield, LLC has an expedient sales staff that can supply your Adapter Spools when you need them, at a price you can afford.

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Stop searching dense websites and missing deadlines. Pickett Oilfield has the drilling equipment you need, providing quick access and same day turnaround in most cases.

Excellent prices, quick turnaround.


We needed spools for an offshore rig job. Pickett Oilfield helped supply us with several drilling and spacing spools at excellent prices. They are still in use and the site feels very comfortable using them.

— Jason A.

Quality equipment; highly recommend.


We called Pickett Oilfield to look for high-quality, used spools and they delivered. We were able to stay within budget while landing some quality equipment. It was an easy process and we will use them again for other oilfield equipment.

— Grant H.

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