13-5/8" Double Studded Adapter (DSA)

  • Product Code: 13 5/8" API Double Studded Adapter
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13-5/8" Double Studded Adapter (DSA) for Sale

DSA, 13-5/8" 10,000# x 13-5/8" 3,000#, Manufactured to API Specs

You are viewing a 13-5/8" 10M x 13-5/8" 3M Double Studded Adapter for sale by Pickett Oilfield. These DSA's are new and come with complete documentation!

For more information or to request a quote, please contact PickettOilfield.com at 936-336-5154 or email Sales@PickettOilfield.com.

Description: (DSA) Double Studded Adapter, 13 5/8" 10K x 13 5/8" 3K. Manufactured to API specifications. Documentation provided on material, hardness test, stress relieve, MPI and LPE reports.

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